Hey, I just wanted to thank you again-I had a wonderful experience with you today-I appreciate you dedicating your life to helping others with spiritual growth. You have so much light & I think it's beautiful how you share it with  people. - S.L.M. 

Great experience, felt wonderful after my session! Thanks Nanncie.
​(Distance Reiki Healing Session)  - D.C. 
Thank you so much Nanncie! I felt it as soon as I opened the message & it's still going! I love how the distance/time symbol works sometimes.
​( Distance Reiki Healing Session) - M.O.
Wow, this was powerful (speaking of the Kundalini Meditation held on 10/15/17 at the Sisterhood's Sacred Healing Circle) Thank you Nanncie  for holding
​this space. I received a message from my mom, I heard her voice so clearly. ~ L.K - 2017
Thank you for helping me find my peace. Nanncie  Santana ~ G.S.R. - 2017
Today I did a reflection and you know something between many conversations and your classes an helped a lot to my good feeling I thank you today I am in a very happy time in my life full of peace of joy and many wishes of doing so many positive things thanks Nanncie ~ M.V. -2017
I don't know what Nanncie Santana does with these crystal bowls but it feels so peaceful and relaxing.
​Definitely a wonderful experience ~ A.L. - 2017
a big shout out to my spiritual guru, Nanncie Santana. She sent me an energy healing yesterday after an amazing break through at our women's group. I feel washed in love and energy. And although I'm a little sore from our  Kundalini Yoga practice,  ​I feel better physically than I have in a long time ~ M.B - 2017
This page is enlightening. I wish I'd have found it earlier.  It took losing my family to realize I was hurting  her  with  words.   Four months later, I am rewiring my thinking to put others first .....reading these posts and others wake some people up...not all...but some. I read your page to remind me of who I don't want to be. - A.G. -  2015
Just wanted to let you know that you gave me courage to walk away. Thank you!!! The post that you put up I feel like you were standing
​outside and looking into my soul cause that was me!! - D.P. - 2015
Working with Nanncie has been one of the most eye-opening experiences I have ever had. Her methods are so sincere and you can feel how she really wants to help you. She uses the tools given to her to help you communicate with your higher power. The guidance that I have gotten from her sessions have helped me in my daily life. I have learned how to deal with certain obstacles that come my way.   I would recommend anyone who is looking for a guidance and a new outlook on life to work with Nanncie. She has such a radiant aura. Thank you Nanncie for your help. -  V.M.B. - 2015
I just wanted to say thank you for being such a positive person on FB.  I know about your struggles  and how much you have been through but you continue to spread love, encouragement, and positivity, and empowerment and I just love you for it even more!!! You are a special lady Nanncie Santana - L.G. - 2015 
Thank you so much for your strength and inspiration. Your posts have helped me as I struggle to break  free. Your  words are a source of comfort, understanding, and strength for me. Thanks for being there!! It is so empowering to know that I'm not
​alone (and not crazy) although it doesn't seem enough,  
THANK YOU! - Juliana - 2014 
Nanncie, thank you for your page. It is quite lovely. You always seem to pop in with just the right
​resources at the right times. - M.W. - 2013
Your page is a lifesaver - L.B.  - 2013
You give me hope and encouragement just when I'm about to give up. Thank you! Pushing play soon! ~ M.A.K. - 2012
I'm your BIGGEST fan!! :) <3 U, Nanncie! ~ M.A.K - 2012
Thank you so much for your website, you give me strength everyday ~ B.K.  - 2012


"I am so proud of you. I knew you could do something good with your life. Dreams come true at its time and you did it. You go girl! That's my daughter, I hope other women's out there go for their dreams too" ~ C.G. - 2011 (my mommy)